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Curiosity has been our navigator for exploring the vast realms of human innovation and the potential for their commercialisation. As a member of several advisory boards, we are aligned with a range of health, hazardous waste, water remediation, and exotic renewable energy solutions that can help solve many of the challenges of today, forging hope for tomorrow.

We have become masters of our craft in developing strategic relationships that have the capacity to serve key stakeholders, achieving a successful outcome for all parties and the planet.

Our commitment to always engage in open transparent communication with a collaborative approach to all joint venture partners has helped to build upon an invisible currency of trust.

Our Mission

Uplift man and womankind by providing ready access to clean water, food, housing, energy, education, and enterprise. By harnessing innovations and material sciences that are in harmony with nature, we can inspire & empower communities with an opportunity to flourish & prosper.



Christopher Neville | Director


m: +61-433-230-530


Level 3, 85 Macquarie Street,
Hobart. Tasmania 7000


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